Background Screening

Improve current screening solutions, reduce cost, and minimize exposure to negligent hiring. Disa provides access to over 20 different background searches and packages are fully customizable. Our popular DOT package includes all screening criteria required by the Department of Transportation.

Background Screening
DISA Offers:
  • Thorough background information
  • National criminal databases offering over 850 million criminal records
  • Online background screening search and report ordering
  • Real-time court research and record collection
  • Compliance expertise
  • Industry-leading turnaround times
  • Unparalleled industry “hit rates”
  • User-friendly online reporting 24/7
  • Online Recruit and Employment Application System
  • DISA record researchers physically go into the courthouse(s) to gather information. Real-time record information is vital to effective employee screening saving you valuable time and money while helping to ensure accuracy.

    Our highly trained professionals use the most sophisticated technology to provide clients with accurate and timely information on employees and new applicants. This allows for quick access to secure real time employment backgrounds screening results via the internet 35/7 – quick and efficient.

    A La Carte items
  • Extended Employment Verification
  • County Criminal Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • State Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • Employment Credit Check
  • National Criminal Access File
  • Education Verification
  • Global Watch list
  • Popular Packages
  • DOT Compliance
  • Advanced DOT Compliance
  • National Criminal
  • Annual Background Review

  • “The program helped save a tremendous amount
    of time and freed me for other responsibilities.”
    -Paul Egan, Safety & Compliance, Carlson Logistic

    Mountain Valley Express

    “The information their investigations uncovered has
    allowed us to keep from hiring problem applicants
    applying for employment within our company.”

    -Tom Johnson, Executive Vice President of Mountain Valley Express