Log Auditing

18 Wheeler

DISA’s Driver Log Auditing service efficiently monitors driver hours and violations to keep your company DOT compliant.

Most log auditing services require mailing of driver logs for processing. DISA gives you the option of scanning and email logs to expedite the process.


Auditing Includes:
  • Hours of service
  • Driver violations
  • Driver log falsifications
  • Missing logs
  • Missing signature or eligible
  • Receive:
  • Accurate driver daily log audits -- 48-hour turnaround once received
  • Reports gauging your driver’s performance
  • Detailed compliance service reports
  • Driver Notification Letters
  • Scan and email option to expedite processing and turnaround
  • Save Time
    & Money!
    Focus on your business and profitability instead of endless driver log administration and paperwork!